Corporate social responsibility for fair commercial practices and intellectual property: real potential Zobrazit větší

Corporate social responsibility for fair commercial practices and intellectual property: real potential


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AutorRadka McGregor Pelikánová
Rok vydání2019
VydavatelInstitute of Economic Research
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This monograph is the result of an ambitious, innovative, multi-disciplinary and scientific research project conducted at the Metropolitan University Prague and supported by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, namely GA ČR No. 17-11867S. It presents and codifies an abundance of fresh information about the perception of sustainability, corporate social responsibility ("CSR"), (un) fair commercial practices and intellectual property ("IP") and their mutual support and possible synergy effects. This naturally involves both primary and secondary data and their processing by a battery of appropriate methods. The pertinent data was obtained and selected via complex investigative and open-minded research activities throughout a number of fields and branches, while directly and indirectly drawing from prior publications of the author of this monograph, especially books and articles that were published in 2017 and 2018. Following this, the yielded data was subjected to an investigative Meta-analysis while employing a comparative and holistic approach. Particular attention has been paid to the feasibility, effectiveness and efficiency of the potential of CSR to support the fairness of the commercial practices and the development of the IP assets, in particular inventions, innovations, and proper labelling in the EU. This leads to the ultimate key research question whether the current perception and setting of the CSR can or cannot help in the fight for fair competition and IP in the European context. Naturally, the global context is considered, nevertheless the top focus aims at the situation in the EU and in EU member states. Policies regarding CSR, unfair competition and IP are highly important for both EU and EU member states, and regarding all these three overlapping fields, the EU has engaged in harmonization efforts.